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Living in North Dakota.
Lover of historical costume, fiction, and movies.
Especially Tudor history, Regency, and French Revolution.
There will be lots of cats and a smidge of Kpop.
~ Monday, August 27 ~

Reasons I’m salty.

  1. Really dude? You have a “girl” in NC you just left out of the conversation for a few weeks?
  2. And then you’re like, “Well if things don’t go well….” UH NO! Chelsea doesn’t do that back-up shit anymore. And I told him as much. 
  3. I’m too damn sexy and just plain awesome for that. 
  4. I’m just really mad. 
  5. When you get out of a serious relationship and then you like someone for the first time, you hope it’ll go well.
  6. It rarely does. 
  7. /sigh
  8. I’ll live.
  9. I’m 22.
  10. I’m Chelsea.
  11. I’m amazing. And too cute for this.
  12. Still salty as hell.
  13. But Nick got his wish, welcome to my as of yet still unwritten book. 
  14. Damn. 
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I am so fucking horny. I will kill someone. I’m so used to having someone to sext with at least.

What in the actual fuck. 

Granted. I have two guys who would gladly have sex with me.

I’m not to that level yet.

Give me a few weeks.

What the fuck is in the water here, Minot? 

Like damn. 

All i want to do is drink and fuck.

Because there’s nothing else to do. 


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~ Sunday, August 26 ~



I need a cock to suck and fuck right now, ugh

what you need is Jesus

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As many know, I’m doing my online dating deal. Well, one of the guys I have actually started to like. I’ve mentioned him before. He now follows my other Tumblr, which is why I switched to this Tumblr to vent a little. 

I forget how much I dislike dating/talking especially with white boys. I feel super intimidated by them. Not so much the nerdy ones as the ones people would consider “normal”. Just your average, run-of-the-mill white guy. I don’t know, I always feel I’m not their “type”. I’m like awesome as fuck though so I don’t know what’s wrong with me! 

It’s just a game and I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. I’m like 22 and have been dating forever, but damn if I still act like a 14 year old with a crush. Geez. Get with it Chelsea. 

And it’s just weird for me to like someone after Fritz. It’s like a big step, haha. 

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~ Friday, August 24 ~
Friday!  (Taken with Instagram)

Friday! (Taken with Instagram)

~ Thursday, August 23 ~
Oh yes! (Taken with Instagram)

Oh yes! (Taken with Instagram)

~ Sunday, August 19 ~
Best buds! Annie B and Harley! (Taken with Instagram)

Best buds! Annie B and Harley! (Taken with Instagram)


How exciting

My family and I are going to a casino this weekend! :)

Who’s excited?

I am!


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